Shisha can be enjoyed anyway up to each flavor.
We have about 100 kinds of flavors for you.
Even you're the beginner of shisha, we can make shisha for your taste
if you tell us your favorite taste like "sweet taste" or "favorite smells".
Please enjoy your chillin time with tasty Shisha.


Al Fakher Molasses is a premium brand of flavours manufactured in UAE.
It is the highest quality molasses in the world market and is made from the highest grade of Virginia molasses leaves and the finest European flavours.
Al Fakher molasses is renowned for its thick flavourful smoke lasting.




・Two Apple




・Energy Drink
・Orange Mint

・Energy Drin  ・Orange Mint
・Cappuccino  ・Chocolate  ・Vanilla


Mazaya Hookah Tobacco is made in Jordan by the famous Al Zawrae company.
They use the finest French tobacco leaves with premium quality European flavoring to make the best shisha molasses possible.
Mazaya shisha tobacco is growing in popularity around the world.


・Apple Mint
・Cool Lemon
・Grape Mint
・Lemon Mint
・Orange Mint


・Four Seasons
・Heavenly fruits
・Mix berry


Alchemist brend is the shisha flavor from San Diego.
Their flavor is unique, they soak French premium tabbaco leaves in bourbon's barrel. This hybrid way of traditional and modern technology makes high-grade and natural taste.
Formula line is thier standard, it provides a sweeter taste with the same aging process. Stout line uses sun grown dark Ligero tobacco which can found in cigars, and it provides a robust finish to each flavor blend.


・Apple Dulce
・Alpine Mint
・Key Lime Mint
・Nector of the Gods
・Orange County Cream
・Iceland Citrus

・Bourbon Barrel Berry
・Bloodmoon Savage
・Majestic Melon
・Lemonardo Da Binci
・Peppermint Mocha
・Polar Bear


・Blackmoon Melon
・Black Bear
・Double Apple
・Lemon Mint


Fumari is a long standing flavor as American brand,
it was established in 1997, San Diego.
They use only high quality materials and American fresh tabacco leaves.
Fumari is known worldwide as a premium hookah tobacco now, and it comes in many unique flavours.
The tase is deep, and it fascinates Hookah lovers all around the world.


・Black Berry
・Double Apple
・Granny Smith
・Island Papaya
・Mandarin Zest

・Passion Fruit
・Prickly Pear
・Tropical Mango
・Tropical Punch
・Tutti Fruitti
・White Peach


・Apple Mint
・Citrus Mint
・Lemon Mint
・Mint Chocolate


・Blueberry Muffin
・French Vanilla
・Orange Cream
・Red Gummi Bear
・White Gummi Bear


・Citrus Tea
・Spiced Chai


Decloud is the new age of shisha.
It's a new and delicious way to enjoy tobacco-free hookah smoking.
Decloud Shisha Fruits are made from 100% natural fresh fruit,
and come in over a dozen flavors that taste like the fruit was just picked from the tree.
All Decloud Vapor Fruits are completely nicotine free, tar free, and tobacco free.


・Green Apple


・Two Apple




Nakhala is the king of hookah since it was established in 1913, thier history is more than 100 years.
Their classic unwashed shisha flavors will appeal to traditional hookah smokers as well as new smokers who like a strong nicotine buzz and a rounded tobacco taste with their shisha.

AL AMASI¥1,400

アル アマシ

Al-Amasi Flavored Tobacco Brand from jordan is recommended by the avid Hookah smoker, since it provides for a smoother, refreshing, and more enjoyable smoking experience. It includes an all natural mixture of ingredients such as honey and is considered to be one of the finest flavored shisha brands in the world.

AL AMASI¥1,400


Afzal is brand of Indian Tabacco maker "SoeX". Afzal Hookah Tobacco Molasses is a blend of quality Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and international natural flavors. It makes Afzal Molasses a special flavor and unique taste.